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Meet The Team

The Executives


Jake is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Governance and Public Policy and, having previously worked for a Member of Parliament as a Researcher and Caseworker, Jake has first-hand experience of the impact that public policy can have on communities and individuals. Jake hopes to use his previous experience to further develop the Peterloo Institute into a platform in which students can play an active role in the policy-making process and foster a culture that empowers the Institute to positively impact the local community.

Jake Thomas

Executive Director

Sumaiya is a third-year Politics and International Relations undergraduate student at the University of Manchester. She is interested in post-colonialism and critical race theory and hopes to apply this interest to a career in inclusive policymaking. She also looks forward to continuing the brilliant work of the institute through growing the audience and the impact of the institute's research.

Sumaiya Motara

Communications and Marketing Strategist 


Shadrick Nagarajan

General Strategist 

Inclusivity & Accessibility 

Josie is a Politics graduate from the University of Liverpool. Throughout her studies, Josie’s research’s and interests lay specifically within addressing inequalities in modern society, such as racial politics and the effects of colonialism. Josie aims to develop the institute to encourage inclusivity throughout its processes and approaches in her work as Director of inclusivity and accessibility.

Josie Mae Harrey

Director of Inclusivity and Accessibility

Ieva is a third year Social Anthropology and Sociology student. Her academic interests are focused on queer theory and intersectional feminist theories; for their dissertation project, they are currently researching the inclusivity of alternative queer spaces across Manchester. Having had experience with community-focused charities and organisations, Ieva is enthusiastic about making working environments inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to everyone. 

Ieva Pojuner

Wellbeing Officer


Solene is a final-year Politics student at the University of Manchester. Through her studies, her particular research interests have focused on post-colonial politics and linguistics, observing how both factors can combine and perpetuate certain social norms. With this specific lens, Solene aims to help maintain the Institute's goals of being an inclusive and accessible body, by helping to reduce objective biases.

Solene Imre

Deputy Director of Inclusivity and Accessibility

Jasjot is studying a Bachelors of Law and interested in bringing forth change. As an inclusivity officer this year, Jasjot aims to be as inclusive as ever at the Peterloo Institute and to advocate for diversity and inclusivity at all levels. Aside from this, it’s inspiring to be a part of such a hard working team and institute.

Jasjot Kaur Khattra

Inclusivity Officer

Tallulah is a final-year Politics student on a BASS pathway. As a volunteer tutor for Tutor The Nation, she has developed a particular interest in how we can close gaps in accessibility to higher education and progressive career opportunities through better-informed policy, for a more inclusive society and workforce. As an inclusivity officer, she wants to ensure The Peterloo Institute caters to everyone and represents society proportionally. 

Tallulah Leona

Inclusivity officer


Paula Rincon

Inclusivity Officer

Communications & Marketing

Tasmiya is a final-year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Manchester. Throughout her studies, her particular research interests have focused on security studies and post-colonial politics. Leveraging her prior experience in communications and marketing, she aspires to strategically shape the Institute’s brand identity, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence. She looks forward to utilising creative skills to develop social media content that effectively highlights the Institute’s research projects and events, contributing to a dynamic and impactful outreach strategy.

Tasmiya Chowdhury

Head of communications


Madelaine is a final-year student at The University of Manchester studying Business with International Business Economics. Throughout her studies, Madelaine’s research and interests have focused on racial complexity and discrimination, particularly evaluating the effects that different interpretations of racial identities have in the workplace. Additionally, she has experience working with non-profit clubs and charities focusing on protecting children’s well-being globally and fostering a sense of community. She looks forward to contribute to the institute’s work and collaborating with a diverse team

Madelaine Rankin

Communications and Marketing Associate


Amelia is a second year politics and Spanish student at the university of Manchester. She is particularly interested in feminism and British politics. Amelia hopes to expand the social media of the institute and is excited to help spread the institute’s findings. 

Amelia Carro

Deputy Head of Communications

Linkedin pic_edited_edited.jpg

Zhi Lin is a 2nd year Management student at the University of Manchester. With 5 years of marketing experience, she's passionate about applying her existing knowledge to help the institute reach wider audiences and grow to greater heights.

Lai Zhi Lin

Communications and Marketing Associate



Garima Sagar

Events manager


Jiayi studies BASS Politics and Data Analytics as a Year-2 student at the University of Manchester. She is very passionate about studying and addressing regional inequality. She aims to plan different inclusive socials for members of The Peterloo Institute and make the community closer.

Jiayi Wang

Events Associate



Maryam Khalifa

Editor in Chief


Alina Rizwan

Deputy Editor in Chief

Dylan Taylor


Regional Inequality Research Team

Jacob is a second-year sociology and politics student, as well as an activist within progressive social movements. His interests constitute political ecology, Marxist geography, and counter-hegemonic projects. Jacob hopes that The Peterloo Institute will not only allow him to gain experience in research methodologies, but to contribute to and construct alternative horizons in the ‘North-South divide’ debate.

Jacob Marshall

Head of Research

Ibrahim is a first year student pursuing a degree in BAEcon Economics and Data Analytics. His interests encompass political economy, economic philosophy and international relations. At The Peterloo Institute, he is working on investigating regional inequality from an analytical perspective encompassing both quantitative and qualitative values.

Ibrahim Al Jahwari



Liv Shaw is from the North East of England. She is now studying Modern History and Politics at the University of Manchester. She is in her first year and is currently studying political theory, early modern colonial history as well as Middle East studies and economic history. She is very passionate about representation of working class perspectives in research and academia as whole. Outside of her studies, she works with museums and rock climbs.

Olivia Shaw



Eddie is a 4th year History and French student at the University of Manchester, specialising in the research of the Left in 20th century Britain and Modern French History. He is the Academic Officer of the History Society Committee as well as a Team Leader at the Manchester Academies. At Peterloo, Eddie wishes to gain experience in the public policy sphere, and expand his leadership skills. Outside of this, he is a keen cyclist and gig-goer.

Eddie Groves

Deputy Head of Research

Richard is currently studying Politics and German at the University Of Manchester with a particular interest in political economy and development. As for his interests outside of his degree, he is particularly keen on reading especially works by Madeline Miller and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, as well as animal documentaries.

Richard Bridge


Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 12.04_edited.jpg

Ella is a second year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Manchester. She is specifically interested in the impact foreign policy has on domestic economic policy and how this impacts everyday lives. She wishes to gain practical experience in political research methods to compliment her current studies. As well as this, Ella hopes The Peterloo Institute will allow her to analysing how disability impacts the economic stability of students. Outside of her studies, Ella engages in volunteering with refugees in the local community.

Ella Logan-Wilson


Shannon is an MA student of Political Science. Her research interests lie in governance and public policy. Through her work she aims to understand how decentralised policymaking can support the levelling up agenda. She is interested in innovative methods such as participatory decision-making. In her research, she employs both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Shannon Sinclair

Research Advisor

Sam is a second year of studies of Politics and International Relations, with a keen interest in policy and its influence on injustice around the world. Through the values, work and ideas he share with the Peterloo Institute, he hopes to make my own contribution to pressing and contemporary debates about inequality, insecurity, and precarity. His experience as a contributing editor has so far brought me into conversation with those both fighting and facing the frontline of poverty in Greater Manchester, from its residents sleeping rough to members of FareShare, committed to tackling the tension between food waste and hunger. 

Sam Joshi


Structural Racism Research Team


Sheu is a recent MA Politics graduate at the University of Manchester. During his studies Sheu has taken a keen interest in the Institute’s research areas which is reflected in his academic portfolio. His undergraduate dissertation analysed the securitisation of migration across the channel under the Nationality and Borders Act 2022. His MA dissertation explored rap music’s innate political nature, analysing how rap music has provided a unique site for political activism for historically marginalised African Americans. Sheu is also engaged with several local community organisations and institutions, he is a member of the governing board for a local primary school and is working with the Manchester Refugee Support Network to provide support for families settling in the city.

Sheu Hirst

Head of Research

Mia is a graduate of Politics and International Relations from Manchester University. She now works full-time at the Welsh Refugee Council. She is particularly focused on how the Refugee Project can shine a light on silenced stories, platforming and validating the voices of underrepresented groups in Manchester. She is super excited that the Peterloo Institute has partnered with MRSN – volunteering and building meaningful relationships with individuals who have lived experience with a hostile and ineffective Home Office. She hopes our research can highlight the dangerous incompatibility of the current BRP system with the governmental enforced ‘Move On’ period.

Mia Cartwright

Research Advisor

Nithini Mamidi is a first-year student at the University of Manchester studying economics. She works as a researcher in the structural racism team. She has always been interested in research and public policy. It started when she worked as a research intern for a political consulting firm and enjoyed the process of research and learning something new every day. At the institute, she hopes to learn new skills and produce research that can make a difference for the refugee community in Manchester. She also volunteers at a primary school, teaching English to immigrant parents in her free time.

Nithini Mamidi

Events Researcher

Bella is a third year BA Politics and Modern History student currently on a placement year. She has a wide range of interests but her studies often focus on British political history and current affairs. She is particularly interested in the politics of immigration and how events such as Brexit have informed a popular understanding of the issue, and how history can be used to dissect this point of view. This also feeds into her interest in foreign affairs and Britain’s persistent influence on the global stage. She enjoys researching how Britain’s relationship with the wider world has evolved over time and how this relationship affects the identity of various British peoples - particularly ethnic identities.

Bella Gregson



Saanvi is a 2nd year Politics and International Relations student at The University of Manchester. She aims to be equipped with practical insights into the complexities of the international relations on policy implementation while working with the Peterloo Institute’s Structual Racism Team. Coming from a third generation of refugees Saanvi’s main interests in research is around social justice and empowerment.


Deputy Head of Research

Jessica is a second-year Politics and Modern History student. Her interests lie in research, and how social justice should be implemented through research-informed policy. Jessica aims to use her time at the Peterloo Institute to explore the barriers to education and work that structural racism presents - especially the problems faced by refugees - and thus how these barriers can be deconstructed.

Jessica Tubb

Policy Researcher

Isobel is a researcher on the Regional Inequality team. She is a fourth-year American Studies student and writing her dissertation on indigenous climate resistance movements in North America. She hopes to become a public policy professional in the US.

Isobel Dye

Ethics Researcher

Dylan recently graduated from his BA in Politics and Philosophy. He is particularly interested in humanitarian aid, having previously volunteered with activist groups in Palestine and refugee charities in Calais. Dylan hopes the insight gained from his activism will equip him in leading the Structural Racism team for its current research project, which focuses on issues faced by refugees in Greater Manchester. Dylan's other research interests include colonial existentialism; specifically the work of Frantz Fanon, which he reimagines through critical and cultural lenses (i.e. Afrofuturism) in his undergraduate dissertation. Aside from his role at The Peterloo Institute, Dylan currently works as a Research Assistant.

Dylan Bhopal-Myers

Research Advisor


Anusha is a student at University of Manchester studying Bsc Economics. As a researcher, she is always eager to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application. She believes that this project helps to address societal issues by applying research methodologies. She hopes she can contribute to policies that are inclusive of refugees and provide them with a better life in this country.

Anusha Chandra

Policy Researcher


Seyi Olomolaiye is a first year Politics and Sociology student at the University of Manchester. She is currently working as a researcher in the structural racism team. Seyi has a large passion for anti-racism which has led her to being very proactive in her local community. Her academic interests also align with her personal interests as the effects of colonialism is a topic she is greatly interested in exploring during her degree. At the institute Seyi hopes to develop her skills whilst also making a positive impact for the refugee community in Manchester.

Seyi Olomolaiye


RI Team
SR Team
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