Meet The Team

Jemima F.heic

Jemima Freudmann

Co-Founder and President

Jemima is in her final year reading Politics and International Relations after a year at Sciences Po, Paris. She is interested in the application of behavioural science to public policy and is keen to utilise this when exploring how abstract notions of identity influence decision-making. With her experiences working in local organisations like Manchester Refugee Support Network, Jemima aims to develop a community-minded Institute where students can gain valuable skills and influence real change.

BSocSc Politics & International Relations

Inclusivity & Accessibility 

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Eva Allen Humphry

Inclusivity Officer

Eva is a first year studying Criminology and Quantitative Methods on a BASS course. As an inclusivity officer she hopes to create an accessible and welcoming environment for all people and ideas. Her passion for social justice comes from a background of grassroots campaigning, advocating for a range of issues from housing to the environment and seeing how these groups can shape policies and make them more inclusive.

BASS Criminology and Quantitative Methods

Communications & Marketing


Megan Hadfield

Megan is currently studying her MA in criminology. She graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BA in French, Spanish and Russian. She is particularly interested in the criminalisation and exploitation of homeless EA migrants in Manchester and how research and the input of case workers can inform better policy. She aims to use her website creation skills to create an informative and user-friendly space for people to access. 

Website Manager

MA Criminology


John H.jpg

Victor Haggard

Victor is currently studying for a Master’s in Politics after completing a BA in French and Management. He has built up both research and editorial experience from his work in think tanks, political associations, and the public affairs industry. As an Editor on the Regional Inequality team, Victor hopes that The Peterloo Institute can be prolific in terms of the depth and quality of its policy proposals.

Editor for Regional Inequality

MA Politics

Jess R..jpg

Jessica Reid

Jess is in her third year reading Archaeology and Anthropology. Her interests currently involve the impact of the digital divide in education as well as digital communication, an issue which has become more prominent during the course of the pandemic. She is looking into social mobility after university entry as part of the Institute’s focus on regional inequalities. As an editor, Jess also enjoys delving into English lexicography.

Editor for Regional Inequality

Jack C..jpg

Jack Collicutt

Jack is a third year Politics and International Relations student. He is particularly interested in researching the political economy of housing, and how it relates to wider socio-economic issues. As part of the editorial team, he hopes to help create a system which encourages a diverse range of student voices to get involved in the policy debate, as well as get involved in a little blogging himself

Editor for Regional Inequality

BSocSc Politics & International Relations


Regional Inequality


Yasmin Puran

Yasmin is a Political Economy Masters student who returned to study at the University of Manchester after her undergraduate degree. She is interested in the post-industrial condition of the North, and how capitalist processes such as welfare reform and deindustrialisation produce poverty and inequality in these areas. Using qualitative methods, she aims to channel her passion for communicating the North Western voice into provoking policy research.

 Head of Research

MA Political Economy

Julia D..jpg

Julia is a student of Politics, Philosophy and Economics currently spending her year abroad at Sciences Po Paris. Her focus is on public policy and extreme political behaviours and how they spread in new forms of media. She believes quantitative methods are necessary for research but she supports solutions that are inclusive, paying attention to social and cultural dynamics to not leave anyone behind.

 Julia De Miguel Velázquez

Researcher for Regional Health Inequality

MA Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Mahroz H.jpg

Mahroz Azmat

Mahroz is studying MSc Social Research Methods and Statistics, having graduated with a BSoSc in Politics and International Relations. Her research has focused on elections and voting behaviour, in particular how recent British elections can exemplify changes in class and generational voting within the context of the “North-South Divide”. Mahroz aims to utilise her experiences in academic and policy work to create meaningful change for society being skilled in mixed-methods research.

Researcher for Regional Health Inequality

MSc Social Research Methods & Stats

Anjali D..jpg

Anjali Desai

Anjali is a first year Economics student and works as a researcher in the education subsection of the Regional Inequality team. She is particularly interested in development economics in context to education and public health. Through her research at The Peterloo Institute, she hopes to identify ways policymakers can ensure equitable educational outcomes for all students in Greater Manchester.

Researcher for Regional Education Inequality

BSc Economics

Nick R..jpg

Nicholas Rice

Nick is a final year Politics and International Relations student. Having worked as a tutor at The Tutor Trust during his second year he has developed an interest in educational inequality, particularly for children on Free school meals or living in care. Nick is looking forward to researching and proposing policy that can make a meaningful change for young people in Greater Manchester. 

Researcher for Regional Education Inequality

BSocSc Politics & International Relations

Structural Racism

Ana P..jpg

Ana-Iulia Porumb

Ana is currently pursuing her Masters’ Degree in Security and International Law. She focuses most of her research on how negative attitudes towards minority communities influence radicalisation levels, particularly in cases where these negative attitudes are supported by governments. This research shows the vital role that public policy plays. Ana joined The Peterloo Institute to use her data analysis and research skills to create positive social change by actively participating in the policy world.

Researcher for Structural Racism

MA Security & International Law


Dylan Bhopal-Myers

Dylan is a second year Politics and Philosophy student. He is interested in the ways ideology operates in contemporary society, and how ideology might translate to policy. He would like to incorporate critical race theory into research produced by the Structural Racism team. Dylan aims to develop his research skills, using a diverse range of research methods to create policy ideas.

Researcher for Structural Racism

BASS Politics & Philosophy

Iman Rosie.jpg

Iman-Rosie Coan

Iman-Rosie is currently in her second year reading Law with Politics. She is particularly interested in structural racism within the criminal justice system. With The Peterloo Institute, she intends to focus her research on the deconstruction of neo-colonial spaces and institutions in contemporary British society. 

Researcher for Structural Racism

LLB Law with Politics

Isaac L.S..jpg

Isaac Levin Schtulberg

Isaac is a second year Politics and Philosophy student as well as a volunteer and junior writer for Greater Manchester Housing Action. His main interests lie in global governance and the role of race in the Global Political Economy. During his time with The Peterloo Institute, Isaac is eager to contribute to the global struggle against structural racism while developing his research skills.

Researcher for Structural Racism

BASS Politics & Philosophy

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Maeve Carroll

Maeve is currently undertaking a Masters in Sociology after completing her undergraduate earlier on in 2020. Her personal research focuses on the education system and race and racism within the UK. With The Peterloo Institute, Maeve hopes to explore deeper the role that structural racism plays in the education system and through empirical research, develop policy ideas to counteract the impact that this has in society. 

Researcher for Structural Racism

MA Sociology

Ugonwa N.A..jpg

Ugonwa Aroh

Ugonwa is an MSc student of Social Research Methods and Statistics. Her principle research focus is on education and policy in the education sector that enhance equity in the society. She also has keen interest in Sustainable Development, creating awareness of the impact of our attitudes on the environment. She is currently a researcher with The Peterloo Institute on structural-racism, its effect on the general community and ways to combat it.

Researcher for Structural Racism

MSc Social Research Methods & Stats