Regional Inequality

The overarching goal of the Regional Inequality Research Team is to reduce disparities between people and places within the North West. The last several decades have seen increasing divisions across different strata of society, particularly due to overly centralised political control. We hope to help to break that cycle through our research, starting with disparities in health, education and the economy.


The driving factors behind these disparities, such as food poverty, educational opportunity and employment will be mapped and investigated at a local level, starting with areas within Greater Manchester. These catalysts of inequality are intrinsically interlinked, and we hope to capture the complexity of this social phenomena in our research.


Our team will focus on Greater Manchester and the North West. Using the current pandemic as a lens through which to understand local changes, the team will endeavour to devise implementable policy solutions to incite change across Greater Manchester. 

Structural Racism

Education is a vital tool in deconstructing racial narratives and structural racism, as well as allowing new generations to remember the legacies of historical injustices. At its best, it can be a powerful tool for empowerment, advancement, empathy and understanding.


However, at its worst, education can play a pervasive role in instilling and perpetuating racism from an early age, with the racism taking on many different forms, from racial micro-aggressions to overt instances of racial abuse. Systemic barriers that actively impede the education, opportunities, social and personal development of children of colour can be found across the UK's education system.


Given the crucial role education plays in all our lives and development, the Structural Racism research team have elected to research systemic racism with education. The team will be using mixed methods to conduct the research, producing policy recommendations based on its findings that can be implemented on a regional and national level.