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As Manchester's first student think tank, The Peterloo Institute is providing a platform for the next generation of progressive policymakers in the region. From innovative research, to insightful publications, to engaging public events, there are all sorts of ways you can get involved with the amazing voluntary work our teams do.  

All too often entry into the world of policy is through narrow channels reserved for a select few. We want to change that. Diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of how we operate as an organisation and we value people from all different backgrounds and with all types of experience. 


So if you think working in policy isn't for you, think again. By joining our team, you can gain the skills you need to launch a career in the field whilst helping provide the solutions to some of the biggest challenges our city-region and country face today. 

Please note all positions are unpaid
More details about the roles available and application forms are below:

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