Quantitative Education


The role of our Quantitative Education branch is threefold.

First and foremost, we want to be inspirers. The department holds regular seminars that invite academics, practitioners and analysts, to showcase how quantitative methods have been utilised in their policy-related research and practice. Our goal is to help students develop keen interests in using innovative methods to solve pressing policy problems.

Secondly, we are educators. The department runs a series of workshops to present students the nuts and bolts of statistical know-how, with a focus on the interpretation of results.

Thirdly, we are advisors. There are plenty of opportunities for studying quantitative methods across the UK, such as seminars at Cathie Marsh Institute, UK Data Service, and National Centre for Research Methods, to name but a few. We provide advice for students to identify the most relevant educational resources in their policy research by keeping them updated on various ongoing training opportunities.

Taken together, The Quantitative Education Department at Peterloo Institute is here to inspire, educate and advise students to gain exposure to the cutting edge of quantitative methods that they need the most in the policy world.  

Qualitative Education


Our Qualitative Education branch aims to provide resources tailored towards a diverse range of abilities. The goal is to create engaging mini-lectures and workshops featuring guest speakers who have first-hand experience in policy research and creation. The role qualitative methods serve in supplementing and enhancing quantitative data will be outlined, focusing on a move away from purely positivist approaches to political behaviour. Students will be empowered to have confidence in interacting with people, designing interviews and questionnaires, and asking insightful questions that further their research initiatives efficiently.